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GWRSD Data Governance
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The primary goal of the GWRSD Data Governance is to protect the storage and transmission of personally identifiable information of students and staff. The GWRSD is committed to protecting the privacy of our students and staff through maintaining strong privacy and security protections. A data governance team has been established consisting of district administrators and the IT Director who acts as the Information Security Officer (ISO).

The School Board recognizes the value and importance of a wide range of technologies enhancing the educational opportunities and achievement of students. All components of technology must be used in ways that are legal, respectful of the rights of others, and protective of students.  All persons who have access to district data are required to follow state and federal law, district policies and procedures, and other rules created to protect the information. 

The data security policy, standards, processes, and procedures apply to all students and staff of the district, contractors and volunteers who have access to district data systems or data. This policy applies to all forms of GWRSD data and information, such as speech, hard copy, email, cloud based services, etc..

A consistently high level of personal responsibility is expected of all users granted access to the district's technology resources. Any violation of district policies or procedures regarding technology usage may result in temporary, long-term or permanent suspension of user privileges. Possible disciplinary/corrective action may be instituted for; unauthorized disclosure of PII or confidential information, sharing your user IDs or passwords, installation or use of unlicensed software or software not approved for district technological systems.

GWRSD staff members are encouraged to research and utilize online services or applications to engage students and further the district's educational mission. However, before any online service or application  is purchased or used, a review of the terms of service and privacy policy must be completed. The process will confirm that it appropriately protects confidential and critical information and meets the requirements of the law and School Board policy. This prior approval is also required when the services are obtained without charge. 

Staff shall complete an online request form for any new digital app/tool that collects staff or student data, student records or confidential data. Requests will be reviewed by the  Student Data Privacy Alliance to determine adherence to the GWRSD Data Governance Plan. 

​Staff are responsible for securing sensitive data for transmission through email or other channels. Staff should not transmit files labeled classified, confidential, or restricted through email or third party file transfer services without district approval. When possible, staff should de-identify or redact any PII or confidential information prior to printing. PII and confidential information shall not be downloaded, copied or printed indiscriminately or left unattended and open to compromise.

For more information please read the entire Data Governance plan. It is important to remember that ALL APPS, EXTENSIONS AND TOOLS be approved before use.  You will be notified concerning the status of the DPA which depending on the response time of the vendor may take anytime between two weeks and one month so please plan accordingly. 

For More Information on Student and Teacher Information Protection and Privacy:
 RSA Section 189:66 and find definitions at   Section 189:65

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